Esri Attribution And Licensing Agreement

The use of the software is authorized for the management and management of the institution`s affairs under the terms of the agreement. For more information, see Esri Education Products and Deployment Schedule. If your app uses the data provided by Esri via ArcGIS Online, you must display the attribution on the map. This image shows z.B. the attribution at the bottom of the map. You`ll find more examples in one of the maps on ArcGIS Online. Holders of Option A or Option B should order the one-year student licence form and send it to The following conditions complement and modify Esri`s terms of use for the data listed below, which Esri provides for its use in relation to its software and online services. When creating your application with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Esri data and assignments can be processed easily using the default implementation at the bottom of the map. This is the recommended placement, so use it there if it works with your design app.

If you display an ArcGIS online service in a brochure application, you must include the Esri attribution and recognize data providers. With this plugin, it couldn`t be easier to follow the terms. Just select your base card and the corresponding credits appear dynamically in the order of its own allocation of the prospectus when users turn/zooment. Copies of excerpts from the online documentation to be included in internal and non-commercial training materials are permitted, if the training material displays a declaration of confirmation of copyright attribution, as shown below: You cannot remove logos, trademarks, copyright notes or similar mentions that appear if: for the registration of Esri products, the following attribution statement, in which appear graphical interfaces and screen recordings: „Graphic interfaces are Esri`s intellectual property and are reproduced here with permission. All rights reserved. Esri made it possible to use Esri World Imagery (and its variants) in the allocation of the OSM without restrictions or requirements. Nor is the imputation legally necessary. If you use an ArcGIS online basic card, Esri data service or Esri API technology in your app, you must also include the Esri allocation. There are specific requirements for the assignment you may have to address in your app, depending on how your app is created and the data it uses.