Simple Housekeeping Agreement

II. The agreement must begin at the (start date) and then end at (end date). If one of the parties wishes to terminate the contract prematurely, it must notify the other party in writing at least 14 days in advance (which may be amended). Independent concierges and concierges can use a cleaning contract to help them create new customers and, in particular, only provide services written in the agreement. If the customer wishes to terminate this cleaning contract at any time, he can do so by written notification to the supplier at the following address: Upon receipt of the termination, he is responsible for the provision of cleaning services and reimburses all costs paid by the customer for services not yet provided. Benefits provided under this budget contract are billed monthly. Once an invoice has been established, the customer agrees to make the payment within 7 business days. The precise description of the services to be provided must be indicated in a separate position, preferably in an appendix or calendar. That is the most important part of the agreement.

Not only does this protect the interests of the company, but it also ensures that workers are not required to perform tasks that go beyond those described above. The most important issue with respect to the claimant`s obligations is the revision of workers` ancestors. It is the Agency`s sole responsibility to grant police authorization where necessary and to verify the address of cleaning personnel. The parties, i.e. the „customer“ and the „service provider“ (name of the service provider) herely accept the terms of this cleaning agreement. They are collective to be called „parties.“ The home economics agency should explain that the staff made available are well trained in the use of modern appliances and that they have a minimum of skills and communication skills to interact with the regular staff of the organization. Consider designing a cleaning contract, even if you are in the initial phase of hiring a housekeeper. This contract between the owner and the cleaner improves the… A cleaning service contract is a contract between an owner, office manager, broker or building management company and a person or company that provides professional cleaning services. The agreement sets out the terms of the agreement between the cleaning service and the customer.

After a proper verification, it is time to approve an agreement. A cleaning service contract is reserved for a commercial company or an individual who agrees to offer his work for payment. The contract can be commercial (janitorial) or residential (domestic economy) and is usually written for the cleaning to be carried out as planned. Payment is often weekly or monthly, with the cleaner having full access to the premises. If the customer and the cleaner have reached a verbal agreement, a written contract should be signed. It is recommended for a number of reasons, the main ones being to ensure that the cleaner is recognized as an independent contractor and not as an employee. In addition, details on payment and detergent responsibilities should be included. This cleaning contract is between [Sender.Company] (supplier) and [Client.Name] (customer), collectively known as „parties.“ The terms of this cleaning contract are as follows: You can use a cleaning contract to inform your customers of the types of cleaning they wish to perform and the service and detail to be provided for each cleaning operation.