Spca Adoption Agreement

For those who buy coupons online and gift certificates for discounts on adoptions, no offers are accepted on the McKinley Mall Tabby Town website! 3. OBEDIENCE TRAINING helps you train your dog (not necessary for cats). We advise you to take training in the first few months after adoption, as this strengthens the attachment of owners and pets. We do not recommend a training program where someone else trains your dog without your presence. In addition to the payment method, you need a photo ID and proof of your current address, the address at which the animal will live. You`ll also want to have plenty of free time to spend with your potential pet! Any formal adoption process takes time and patience… A hasty adoption is rarely good. In the event of a breach of contract, the former owner or shelter has the right to prosecute violations found in local or state laws. In addition, the former owner or shelter has the right to sue for damages as a result of the violation of this agreement.

Immediately create your template for privacy agreements with this PDF model. With JotForm, you can easily fill in, sign and submit fields! Copy this template into your account and start creating your documents! There are two circumstances in which the SPCA will keep a dog: first, to meet other pets at home and, second, to meet other family members. If there is a dog you will meet, love and pick up, but you have other people/pets in the house who need to meet the dog before making an adoption decision, a $30.00 deposit allows you to stop for up to 24 hours. A „Meet and Greet Session“ is planned within 24 hours. During the session, members of our training and behaviour department will work with you, the dog and your current pet and/or other family members to make as effective a preliminary provision as possible on how relationships can thrive (or not) in your home. As things stand, it is not possible to raise animals for any other reason. The Adoptiveer hereshes possession, the property of (subject to the terms of the adoption contract) and the liability of the adopted animal and undertakes to release and release the Hillside S.P.C.A., Inc. for ever liability for injuries or damage caused to persons or property caused by the adopted animal and for all reasons, claims, lawsuits or claims that may result from such a violation or injury. Before adopting an FSAC-SPCA pet, you can complete an adoption application that tells you about your lifestyle and where you live.