Ccp Transfer Agreements

Temple and the Community College of Philadelphia have entered into the following program-to-program agreements: As a CCP student, you have options when attending East Stroudsburg University (ESU). These agreements offer you the opportunity to obtain an associate degree while successfully preparing you for the success of a bachelor`s degree. Other benefits of the admission agreement with DCCC/MCCC/CCP and Villanova are: The College of Professional Studies at Villanova University welcomes transfer students from Community College in Philadelphia. Villanova University leads its region (north) in the ranking of the best colleges and universities in America. Accept gened-to-gened and core-to-core transfer agreements — after temple evaluation and approval — general requirements for the formation of approved associate degrees instead of Temple Base or GenEd requirements. Students who enter the temple with a recognized associate degree are identified upon admission or enrollment at the university and their completion of general education through a gened transfer agreement is mentioned in the records of the students concerned. Acceptance of recognized associative curricula, in which general education reflects the essential requirements of the four-year university program. If a student deserves a corresponding associate degree (usually a.A. or A.S.), the essential requirements of the four-year institution are met, with the exception of the basic courses required for the main courses envisaged and perhaps for other requirements that reflect the specific values of the transfer institution (for example. B religion, foreign language). Below is a list of four-year institutions with which the Community College of Philadelphia has basic agreements. For information on individual university or university conventions, click on the name of the school. If you are interested in dual admission, you should complete an intention form early in your university career.

Many of our dual admission partners require students to complete an intent form before they have more than 30 university degrees. You should meet with a university advisor to get help identifying the corresponding courses at the university in order to join the program of your choice. Visit transfer opportunities for a complete list of participating higher education institutions and universities. To be eligible for Gen Ed-to-Gen Ed, a student must acquire an A.A. or A.S. and complete the following before the transfer to Temple University: You can also obtain your associate degree and then move on to the ESU. The following agreements describe how your CCP partners are transferred to the ESU license. Program-to-program agreements – These agreements offer an after-course course, as all of your association studies pass to the ESU.